Welcome to From the Earth

During the weekend of 16-18 October, Cape Towners were treated to a different scene in the CTICC when the country came to town in full force. The From the Earth expo lured young and old to experience all that is natural and close to the earth.

"The expo hit the mark with its aim to entertain and educate at the same time," says Johan Ehlers, CEO of Agri-Expo who organised this event. "In a time when city dwellers are increasingly interested in adopting a more natural and earthy lifestyle, From the Earth brought all the elements of country living to the heart of the city." Visitors to the expo could fill their pantries with sumptuous homemade products and prepare to 'go green' with a wide range of do-it-yourself starter packs for fynbos and vegetable gardens and other gardening goodies. "People living in the urban areas of our country are not all satisfied to just buy country fares at the farm markets but want to grow their own vegetables and try their own hands at making cheese and the expo brought them in touch with the ways and means of doing so," says Ehlers.

The more than 120 animals and almost 90 feathered friends, including robust cattle, adorable piglets, sheep, and the more exotic alpacas and emus, drew the kids like magnets. Janice Jamieson from Alpaca Felt, said: "I'm really surprised to see how many children have never touched farm animals - this expo has provided youngsters with the perfect opportunity to get that kind of healthy exposure."

Judging from the enthusiastic feedback by visitors and the loaded baskets with which they left, From the Earth has achieved its goal to bring urbanites into contact with the wonder of the farm and remind them of the significant role that agriculture plays in their everyday life.

A follow up of this unique expo are being discussed and a possible biannual presentation will be communicated through this website.